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For Students

If you are feeling:


Overwhelmed?..............Struggling to follow through on assignments?.............. Embarrassed to admit to parents what's really going on?.............. Lost in class and too deep in a hole to recover?.............. Behind classmates and where you thought you’d be?.............. Afraid that you won't find "your people"?.............. Smart but not able to show it?

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You are not alone!

There is no class in high school that specifically prepares you for life in college.

High school is:

  Highly structured

• Short term deadlines

• Help offered 

• Family routines

• Parental/guardian oversight

• College as the clear goal

College is:

• Less class time

 Long term deadlines

 Help available

 Friend routines


 Post-college ???


You're expected to just figure it all out...on your own! How to get work done with 24 hr distractions, in a completely new environment. On top of that, you have to figure out what you want to spend four years studying and how to get a job that you love, are good at, and makes money!


Procrastination sets in. You're unclear how these college classes will relate to a future career, and your confidence takes a major hit. You might be thinking, "I was successful in high school, everyone else seems to be doing fine in college, what’s wrong with me?"

Maybe you are not making friends as quickly as you expected, and feeling like friends from high school have already met "their people" and you aren't connecting with anyone and miss how you used to feel. 


If this sounds like you, let’s talk! Click here to schedule a free, no obligation consult call to talk through your college experience!

What it's like to work with Laura

1-on-1 Virtual coaching over zoom: 

  • Weekly or biweekly depending on what’s best for you

  • 50min calls

  • Flexible scheduling


Working on:

  1. Reducing procrastination

  2. Scheduling that works

  3. Designing academic to career paths

  4. Studying efficiently 

  5. Reaching out for help 

  6. Rebuilding self-confidence

Starting College

I work with students who just graduated from high school and who are about to start college to help them "train" for a smooth transition to college. We start working over the summer and continue into their first semester. They are hitting the ground running, ready to manage the inevitable challenges that come with adjusting to college. 

In College

Some college students need skill development in all three areas, just one, or some combo! The accountability of regular calls to assess how things are going, decide on small changes, and then evaluating is often the space they need to take charge of their own college success. Add on figuring out some really exciting pathways to professional success, my college clients find their direction to creating their own success!

Recent College Graduate

I work with recent college graduates or seniors in college to help them make their first post-college career decision, whether to work or go on to advanced degrees. Through my career design process, we focus on their skills and capacity for learning and growing to build confidence in applying, interviewing, and landing their desired next step. 

Freshman in College

"Working with Laura over the summer before I got to campus was a huge help because I knew what I needed to focus on to be successful, and not get caught up in what others were doing, or waiting for my college to "fit". Then when I was in the first few weeks of my semester, mapping out my schedule was key to getting my work done.  Having my calls with Laura, who already knew me, to talk through how my classes were going and how I was making friends, felt so reassuring."

Matt, College Freshmen


"Learning to start smaller, instead of always telling myself start earlier, which never happened, was huge for me." I can actually get a draft of my paper done with time to edit. I still procrastinate on some things, but I don't get myself into the cramming situations I use to."

Adriana, College Junior

Unsure of Career Path

“I really didn't know the point of my classes. The calls with Laura really got me thinking about future jobs in a way that felt like I had many options, not like I had to commit to one career for the rest of my life. Coming up with action steps really helped too."

John, College Sophomore

Don't let another semester go by...


Book a call now to talk about your college experience so far – even just this call can be helpful in identifying the roadblocks and how to move forward towards the college experience you want to have.

Students, join the Rudder Coaching email list to get tips and tools for college success!

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Next Semester, Best Semester Webinar for College Students

Get the recorded webinar NOW, and make your semester goals happen. 

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