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For Educators

If you are feeling:


A lot on  your plate?..............hard to find relevant programming to meet needs of your students and parents? time to address all the topics you wish you could? by a small budget and limited scheduling options?

I can help!

As a former high school and guidance counselor, I know how little time there is to focus on programming to cover important topics.

My goal is support the work of high school guidance and college counselors and other educators with flexible, affordable, and relatable programming that students and parents find actionable!

  • Presentations for Parents, Students, Faculty and Staff, or a combination!

  • Virtual or In-Person

  • Workshops for students during the school day

  • Materials provided 


If this is what you are looking for, let’s talk! Click here to schedule a call to talk about your school's programming needs or email me at


  • Taking standardized tests

  • Writing the college essay

  • Applying to colleges

  • Receiving college decisions

  • Parents staying calm too!


  • Career Design Program for Sophomores, Juniors, and Parents based on the Sparketype Career Assessment!

  • Connecting College Majors to Careers

  • Career Conversations with your high school student


  • Procrastination cycles

  • Focusing with technology

  • Scheduling that works

  • How Parents can support teenage time management


  • Hit the Ground Running! The 4 College Success Skills!

  • How parents can help prepare for the transition to college

Learn how Laura can support your work with students and parents:

Interrupt the Procrastination Loop!

“Very helpful and relatable. Our students learned a lot, and I could tell they came away with a new way to think about time management."

-Freshmen/Sophomore Guidance Counselor

Career Design Program

"A fresh and simple way to talk about career exploration with our sophomores, and juniors, and they loved learning their Sparketype! The focus on looking inward and trusting their curiosity was great. Parents loved hearing the same framework and continuing the conversations  at home!"

-HS College Counselor

Transitioning to College

"I found Laura's insights so interesting as we start to think about our son actually starting college, now that the application process is done. I like the action plan she offered for the months before he leaves!"

-Parent of HS Senior

I'd love to set up a time to talk!


Email me at with some days/times that you are available, or schedule a call directly below. 

Counselors, consultants, and educators!
Learn about upcoming events and offers for your students and families!

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