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For Parents

If you are feeling:


Frustrated with your student's lack of follow through?..............Confused with how to support your child in college?..............Embarrassed by their underperforming?..............Doubting their readiness to handle college life?..............Saddened by their anxiety and overwhelm?..............Reluctant to keep paying tuition for little progress toward a meaningful degree and job?

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I understand!

Many parents struggle to support their college child when they are not doing as well as "should be", especially when they're away from home.

Suggestions to go talk to resources on campus fall on deaf ears! Yet, parents know that their college child often tunes out their advice or suggestions too. 

So what then? Wait for more stress and failure?

College aged children want to do better, but they often don't know where to start, or how to stay accountable to the changes they are trying to make! There's always so much going on, and it's easy to start to do something different but then revert back to old habits when FOMO sets in, or things get hard!

The coaching I offer is different than what the colleges offer: 

  • Consistent, skill based coaching, to work on multiple areas that are all in play holding student back.

  • Neutral, judgment free space for student to explore what's going on for them, not just one area of life. 

  • Expert view on student's habits and approach to academics, social life, personal life, and future planning.

  • Opportunity for student to evaluate what is working and what is not.

  • Accountability with regular calls to check in and assess progress in real time, not just a one-off meeting.


If this sounds like what you and your college child are experiencing, let’s talk! Click here to schedule a free, no obligation consult call to talk about your college child!

Even just this call can help you as the parent feel seen and heard as a parent managing this chapter in your child's journey into adulthood!

How Laura can help your student:

Watch this parent testimonial:

1-on-1 Virtual coaching over zoom: 

  • Weekly or biweekly depending on what’s best for student 

  • 50min calls

  • Check in emails and calls with parent.  

Working on:

  1. Reducing procrastination

  2. Scheduling that works

  3. Designing academic to career paths

  4. Studying efficiently 

  5. Reaching out for help 

  6. Rebuilding self-confidence

Peace of Mind

"Knowing that he was meeting with Laura regularly, and I would get an update, was a huge relief."

Fewer Arguments

"I didn't have to nag as much about staying organized and planning because I knew he was doing it with Laura. Our conversations are definitely less tense!"

Better conversations

“He's actually leading the call with updates on what he's been doing!"

Expert in college success

  • Certified Life Coach

  • Certified Sparketype Advisor (Sparketype Career Assessment)

  • Former college counselor, admissions counselor, and teacher.

  • Masters in Counseling

  • Presenter and educator

  • Former rudderless, procrastinating college student-athlete.

  • Mother and life long learner!

  • LinkedIn Profile

Laura Amigone

Book a call now to talk about your college student's experience. 

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