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Are you struggling in college?
I can help.
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The transition from high school to college can be hard, and many students feel overwhelmed about managing the new environment, all the free time, long term assignments, and the looming decisions about choosing the “right” major that will lead to the "right" career.

Hi! I'm Laura...
Laura Amigone

My mission in life is helping young adults reach their goals, so they can start bringing their incredible value to this world! College is an amazing opportunity, but there are so many challenges that come along with this opportunity that can derail students from the college success they imagined. 

Many students find themselves struggling or not doing as well as they know they could be, or feeling "rudderless" now that the goal of "getting into college" is behind them. Parents are at a loss for how to help their college child get back on track and reaching their potential.

Through 1-on-1 coaching, I help students up-level their skills so they can start to do better, feel better, plan better, and enjoy college more! These skills transfer over into their post-college journeys where confidence is as high as their goals! 

The Rudder Coaching Approach

Here’s how I work with students, whether entering college, in college, or launching from college!

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Results my clients report:

Icon Grades
Icon time
Icon Plan
Icon future

Better grades

Less procrastination

Career Action Plan

Feelings of control over their future

Learn the college success skills that become life success skills, with a neutral, judgment free coach. 

Personalized and consistent meetings to evaluate progress and tackle upcoming challenges. 

Make the most of your time and tuition in college!

Find your sparked career with Laura

Hit the Ground Running Webinar (16)_edit

Be ready to hit the ground running this fall when you, or your student, starts college this fall!

Come learn about the 4 college success skills and how to actually practice them this summer, so the normal challenges of college don't derail your transition and slow down your progress towards college success. 

All registrants will receive the webinar recording, and the  Summer College Success Skills Worksheets

Don't let another semester go by...


Book a call now to talk about your college experience so far – even just this call can be helpful in identifying the roadblocks and how to move forward towards the college experience you want to have.

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